Allianz deploys Riverbed SteelCentral performance management solutions

Insurance company Allianz has deployed Riverbed SteelCentral performance management solutions in its Turkey office to manage performance issues in its corporate network, customer-facing applications and web interactions with customers.

Riverbed SteelCentral deployment has enabled Allianz Turkey to decrease its page load times by 51 percent, improve productivity and enhance customer experience.

In Turkey, Allianz has 2,500 employees, 12 regional offices and 3,700 agencies. The company supports its offices from two data centers.

“Long page load times and slow application speeds affected our productivity. We were also interested in ensuring that our external partners were satisfied with our systems,” said Neval Bircaner, Allianz Turkey IT governance supervisor.

Bircaner said following the deployment of SteelCentral solutions, its customers have seen a significant improvement in performance.