SAP brings mobile solution to simplify direct store delivery

SAP today announced a new mobile solution to simplify direct store delivery (DSD) that assists consumer products companies to solve the challenges of lack of access to real-time data, limited role and process optimization, and poor route planning.

Companies using the DSD mobile solution can materially boost top- and bottom-line performance by reducing costs and increasing revenues.

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SAP in a statement said Direct Store Delivery manages sales representatives’ activities including visit planning, preselling, van selling, taking sales orders and returns, pricing and promotions, audits and surveys, credit checks and performing mixed roles. SAP Direct Store Delivery can manage the entire sales process from start to finish.

“The DSD sales process is a complex one for consumer products companies, who must contend with varying requirements for price, merchandising, promotion and order management across any number of retailers and formats,” said E. J. Kenney, senior vice president, global head of Consumer Products, SAP.

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