ACI Worldwide supplies electronic payment systems to Maricopa County

ACI Worldwide today said it has deployed its electronic payment solution at Maricopa County (AZ) for its residents to pay property taxes.

ACI’s bill pay technology enables Maricopa County residents to opt for paying taxes online via debit card, credit card and electronic check or at point of sale (POS) stations at the County Treasurer’s office.

Residents can make the bill payments through ACI’s Official Payments website include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), 23 state governments, the District of Columbia, more than 3,000 local municipalities and counties across all 50 states, 350 colleges and universities, and 450 utility companies.

Consumers can pay federal, state and local property taxes and other bills such as utilities and college tuition with credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and alternative payment methods via mobile, online, telephone, point of sale and other channels.

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