Riverbed WAN optimization solutions improve collaboration at Mazzetti

Infotech Lead America: Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch (Mazzetti), a full-service consulting and building design firm, has deployed Riverbed Technology’s wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions to improve collaboration between its 10 offices in North America.
The deployment has accelerated application performance at Mazzetti by 78 percent in peak periods. With this improved performance, employees are more productive and work more collaboratively and efficiently, without the need to travel.
Mazzetti’s 150 employees are located in 10 offices and work collaboratively on AutoDesk Revit software for Building Information Modeling (BIM)s. Document collaboration was often a challenge and required employees to travel to another office or, in some cases, unproductively sit idle as synchronized changes locked out users due to latency, severely impacting productivity.

Riverbed Steelhead appliances

Mazzetti chose to deploy a WAN optimization solution as bandwidth upgrades would not fully resolve these application performance issues. Mazzetti selected Riverbed Steelhead appliances and Steelhead Mobile software because Riverbed delivered the most application specific optimizations across broadest range of form factors. Mazzetti director of Information Technology John Robison had a positive experience using Steelhead appliances at a previous company.
“Once we deployed Steelhead appliances in each of our 10 offices and gave Steelhead Mobile clients to our employees who were frequently on the road, our lives changed,” said Robison. “We were able to sync changes on Revit in seconds in some cases and we no longer worried about syncs locking out employees. Now, we’re able to make changes to documents from different offices without any issue. As we no longer have to fly employees from various offices to work on projects, it means we save on travel costs.”
Mazzetti saw a 78 percent application performance improvement in peak periods. To extend the benefits of WAN optimization, Mazzetti provided a Steelhead appliance to a consulting partner in India. After the installation, the partner, who was previously unable to get on Mazzetti’s Revit server due to latency, is now able to get instant access.
“Our partner in India got LAN (local area network)-like performance as soon as the Steelhead appliance was configured,” added Robison. “As a result, we also extended this access to external contractors by giving them VPN access loaded with Steelhead Mobile. Now, they have the same fast performance needed to access our BIMs when we need to collaborate.”
“We have a template of technology solutions for each new office we open or integrate into the company. As a result of our positive experience, Riverbed WAN optimization solutions are now a key technology piece in our template for any new offices we open in the future,” concluded Robison.
Riverbed Technology to buy OPNET Technologies for $1 billion

Riverbed Technology is set to buy OPNET Technologies for $1 billion. The acquisition will enable Riverbed to extend its network performance management (NPM) business into the multi-billion dollar application performance management (APM) market. The combination of Cascade and OPNET will create a new force in the converged market for NPM and APM, with over $250 million in annualized revenue.
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