Plingm VoIP app is now available for MIPS based Android

Infotech Lead Europe:  Plingm, a Sweden based mobile VoIP company, is bringing its VoIP app to MIPS-Based Android. Plingm has optimized its app for the industry-standard MIPS architecture, now part of the Imagination Technologies Group. With Plingm on MIPS, millions of MIPS-based devices worldwide can enable free calling and texting.

Consumers can make free international voice calls, chat and group chat over the internet using Plingm on their mobile devices. Voice calls and text messages sent between devices within the Plingm network are free. Out of network calls are on average 90 percent less expensive than when using traditional phone networks.

Plingm is equipped with unique high quality sound available amongst all VoIP apps. It makes it possible to call and chat with LinkedIn and Facebook contacts for free, even without having their number.

Calls and instant messages from Plingm to Plingm are connected via internet (wifi or 3G) and are always free. With The add-on service Plingm Out allows the call to be rerouted from the internet to a traditional network at a low price, saving up to 90 percent on international calls.

Plingm registers impressive consumer ratings on App Store and Google Play due to the high quality with user-friendliness. Since December 2012 until now, downloads of Plingm has increased 85 % in Morocco, even though the App Store is unavailable.

Plingm is the world’s first mobile VoIP app that enables Facebook’s 1 billion users to have group chats with LinkedIn’s 151 million users for free.

According to Pandelis Eliopoulos, co-founder of Plingm, “Through this co-operation, more people will be able to enjoy free mobile communication to stay in touch with friends and family worldwide. Our devotion to create a unique user experience will make mobile communication a whole new experience.”

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