Orange Business Services renews network services contract with Givaudan

Orange Business Services has renewed its network services contract with Givaudan, a provider of the fragrance, for another five years and has added cloud-based audio and Web conferencing services.

The network now connects through 130 points of presence, 81 Givaudan locations in 40 countries including a large number in developing markets.

Orange Business Services is delivering to Givaudan a hybrid network, which combines site connection to its MPLS backbone, at a speed of up to 1Gbit/s, with Internet connectivity and cloud-based secure gateways.

Orange Business Services

Application performance is optimized by Business Acceleration, a fully managed service which not only enhances the transparency of applications, but also substantially improves data throughput with a corresponding improvement in employee productivity. The added cloud-based audio and Web conferencing services provides Givaudan the benefits of global collaboration using a flexible and cost-efficient “pay as you go” pricing model.

Jean-Yves Benedeyt, Givaudan IT Global Infrastructure Manager, said: “With this contract renewal, we will benefit from even higher bandwidth with enhanced and flexible security solutions. In addition, the cloud-based conferencing solutions from Orange Business Services enable us to provide Givaudan employees a consistent global conferencing experience while paying for only what they use.”

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