Motorola Solutions’ RhoMobile Suite supports Johnson Controls’ mobility strategy

Infotech Lead America: Johnson Controls, global provider of solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings, uses Motorola’s RhoMobile Suite to increase mobility for employees and make cross-platform application development easier.

Johnson Controls’ workforce is trained and equipped to deliver increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs and provide improved operations in buildings. The new mobility enhancements provided by Motorola will improve the customer experience by streamlining the flow of information delivered to technicians. The portable, connected devices give technicians access to a growing list of applications, such as technical documentation and Global Positioning System (GPS) route optimization apps.

RhoConnect provides simplified integration with backend systems including Siebel Field Service – an essential requirement in Johnson Controls’ adoption. This reduced direct coding by more than 40 percent, saving the company both time and money.

RhoElements provides a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that eases incorporation of any function present on any mobile device into applications.

RhoMobile applications are OS-agnostic. They can support current and future enterprise- and consumer-class operating systems including Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld, Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and 8 Series, Apple iOS, Android andBlackBerry.

RhoConnect connects smartphones with a company’s enterprise data systems and also allows for application data to be synchronized over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection for offline use.

The RhoElements 2.2 and RhoConnect 3.4 releases included support for building desktop (“Big Windows”) and iOS 6 apps, advanced security with public-key infrastructure encryption. It provides expanded device capabilities and advanced bundled push notification service.

The RhoMobile Suite is an HTML 5 cross-platform development framework that combines a consumer-style application experience with an enterprise-grade feature set. One application version runs on many operating systems (OS) and types of devices.

By leveraging RhoConnect and RhoElements, part of the RhoMobile Suite, Johnson Controls empowers its field service workers to use its mobile applications anywhere, anytime.

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