LifeSize announces UVC bundles pricing

LifeSize, a division of Logitech, recently announced LifeSize UVC bundles aimed at offering better video conferencing solutions to enterprises.

LifeSize UVC bundles enable high-performance video conferencing including HD one-to-one and group video calling via a centralized directory, scheduling, instant messaging, content sharing, and streaming and recording, etc.


The company said LifeSize UVC bundles are preinstalled on LifeSize UVC hardware and designed to provide optimal performance for up to 100, 250 and 500 users and come preinstalled on LifeSize UVC hardware.

 up to 100 usersup to 250 usersup to 500 users
LifeSize UVC Hardware   
Mobile video ports153060
Multiparty calling ports51020
Video recordings111
Video streams2550100
Management seats51020
 Starting atStarting atStarting at

*Pricing in US dollars, based on US pricing. It may vary by region.

The company said as per the need of an enterprise, they can add capacity to mobile video ports, video recordings, video streams and management seats with expansion license keys or through an additional multiparty-only bundle (7 and 20 ports).

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