IBM, Libelium in Internet of Things Starter Kit deal

IBM and Libelium, a wireless sensor network hardware provider, released an Internet of Things Starter Kit.

The new starter kit enables sensor applications ranging from monitoring parking spaces or air pollution to providing assistance for the elderly, IBM said on Monday.

IBM said the new IoT starter kit is developed by IBM scientists and Libelium engineers. It will assist to ease application development, testing, and scalability of wireless sensor networks (WSN).

In addition, the new Internet of Things Starter Kit integrates Libelium’s Waspmote wireless sensor platform with IBM’s Mote Runner software and 6LoWPAN, which allows single sensor and device to connect directly to the Internet using the new IPv6 protocol.


IBM Mote Runner is an open software development platform that connects sensor and actuator motes within wireless sensor networks based on the IETF 6LoWPAN protocol specification.

With the new Internet of Things Starter Kit, a real-time operating system is integrated in Libelium Waspmote nodes to support more than 60 different sensors available, allowing developers to build any application on top.

IBM says Internet of Things SDK also includes the source code of the 6LoWPAN libraries so that researchers can modify and add their own algorithms and improvements.

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