IBM fuels Tienda Diabetes to achieve 50% increase in online sales

IBM Commerce
Tienda Diabetes, a healthcare provider in Mexico, has tapped IBM Commerce, and achieved 50 percent increase in online sales and 60 percent increase in average order value.

Farmacia Online, an online drugstore in Mexico owned by Tienda Diabetes, offers same-day delivery options for medicines, treatments and personalized care to diabetes patients. Tienda Diabetes’ same-day delivery options is 40 percent faster than the average national delivery time. Since launching the new site, approximately 85 percent of new visitors have become loyal customers.

IBM Commerce and IBM Business Partner Edgebound jointly designed an e-commerce platform that simplified the purchasing. Customers can browse through and buy 3,500 products within a few minutes. Patients can consult with pharmacists online regarding their treatments, and share experiences and feedback with other customers.

Farmacia Online offers its services to insurance companies as well. Farmacia Online allows customers to set up recurring purchases, including reminder alerts to schedule automatic refills.

“With Mexicans spending about $382 million on diabetes medications annually, the disease is a major challenge for the Mexican national health system,” said Juana Marcela Ramirez, general director of SOHIN.

Tienda Diabetes is currently developing a mobile version of Farmacia Online to give customers an alternative channel to buy the products.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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