Hughes Network launches new enterprise service offering

Infotech Lead America:
Targeting retailers, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and financial sectors, Hughes Network has launched a new enterprise service offering.

Hughes says its High Capacity Access — being available in Q1 2013 — will enable enterprises to be free from slow T1 access. They can also avoid expensive Ethernet access to deliver high-bandwidth applications such as guest Wi-Fi, on-demand video training and business analytics across their networks.

Video on Hughes High Capacity Access

Enterprises says T1 access (1.5Mbps) isn’t fast enough to support their growing applications.

Mike Cook, senior vice president, North American Division at Hughes, said: “Ethernet access is expensive and often not as widely available as their telecom providers have led them to believe.”

Hughes claims that its High Capacity Access service delivers speeds much faster and at a lower price point than T1.

Hughes High Capacity Access is scalable up to 12 Mbps, using either cable or fiber where it is available, and DSL where it is not.

Hughes ActiveBonding technology combines multiple DSL links into a single high-capacity connection that allows each application access to the full combined capacity.

There are no major equipment or expensive network upgrades needed for implementation. Hughes manages the network equipment and broadband connections which include cable, fiber and DSL.

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