Educational Commission of Beijing starts distance learning education program powered by Polycom

Infotech Lead Asia: The Educational Commission of Beijing’s Xicheng District has begun distance learning education program for Beijing’s Xicheng District.

Polycom’s video collaboration solutions enable distance learning, allowing Educational Commission of Beijing Xicheng District to meet this critical educational need.

The Phase I Project for the Educational Commission of Beijing Xicheng District is enabling 260 schools in the district to carry out distance learning education (via HD video conferencing), significantly boosting the integration of educational resources in the district, as well as promoting cross-district, cross-regional and global educational exchanges.

Tian Jingsheng, director of the Educational Commission of Xicheng District said: “We will leverage the Internet, Education Metropolitan Area Network (EMAN) and video conferencing systems to carry out research and distance learning in special education, demo classes and pre-school education and teaching, as well as remote cross-institutional, cross-regional and international exchanges and cooperation.

The success of this phase of the project will pave a solid foundation for future development of distance learning education systems of the Educational Commission of Xicheng District, Beijing, and drive the educational modernization onto a new level.

“The innovations in video collaboration and distance learning are resulting in an evolution in education, with rich virtual courses that provide new learning opportunities for millions of students in China and beyond. Polycom is focused on delivering video collaboration solutions that bring people face-to-face regardless of location, and will continue to be a driving force for a number of industries, including changing how we learn and improving the education experience for teachers and students,” said Steven Li, general manager of Greater China at Polycom.

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