C3 unveils a converged communication platform for multi-channel contact centers

Infotech Lead Europe: C3 has launched a converged communication platform designed for businesses operating a multi-channel contact center. This converged communication platform is perfect for the IT enterprise environment.C3 is one of Europe’s top suppliers of telecommunication platforms for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Messaging, Call Conferencing and Customized Call Handling Solutions including Tier1 PCI Compliance. C3’s clients include BT, Cable & Wireless, Vodafone, Oxygen8 and 4D Interactive.

Fusion Contact integrates voice, email, social media, web and SMS to one powerful agent web interface. It provides queuing, routing, monitoring and reporting across these multiple channels.

The converged communication platform is a multi-channel communication solution that gives business complete control over communication management. It helps to streamline potential peaks in activity across these multiple channels. It enables them to respond to enquiries systematically, whatever channel customers may choose to contact them.

“The challenge for business is in offering consistent customer service across all these channels. That’s hard to achieve in larger organizations where disparate strands of communication are easily missed, and customers are subsequently lost,” said John Wood, sales and marketing director C3.

“Organizations want to take a more systematic approach to handling these streams to ensure that every enquiry is automatically assigned to an agent and managed through to resolution.”

Fusion Contact’s unified queuing system manages all incoming communication.  Agents can now handle different types of communication through one web interface. This will ensure a consistent customer experience.

The system integrates with all major third party CRM platforms. It is available with C3’s in house CRM system.

Fusion Contact consolidates all customer interaction across all communication streams so that agents can access all CRM information needed to manage each enquiry.

Information management solutions provider Idox had selected C3 as its telephony technology partner in October 2012. In November 2012, the telecoms team at Oxford University invested inC3’s Fusion software to be able to build and deploy new IVR services within minutes, and make changes to existing services quickly and easily.

C3 will be showcasing Fusion Contact at Networkshop (9-11 April 2013), in Keele.

Oxford University deploys C3’s Networking Conferencing application

Earlier in November C3 said Oxford University has added C3’s Networking Conferencing application to its existing C3 Unified Communications system.

Alongside the tech refresh of its existing C3 platform, the university has purchased C3’s conferencing solution.

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