BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice transforms conference call by replicating the sound of face-to-face meetings

BT, in partnership with Dolby Laboratories, has launched BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, an audio conferencing service, to the U.S. market.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice can dramatically transform one of businesses most essential, but problematic daily activities – the conference call – by replicating the sound of face-to-face meetings, the company said.

The service features a natural audio quality that makes remote conference call participants feel as if they are in the same room, enabling them to focus on the content of the conversation, without being distracted or frustrated by the limitations of standard conference call technology.

Because the service can be accessed from an Internet connection, customers can save on dial-in costs, giving a reduction in the cost of BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice compared to traditional audio conferencing.

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The service features high fidelity audio that offers outstanding sound clarity and eliminates background noises. Voice Separation provides clear, distinct voices, which means participants know who said what

‘Everyone Participates’¬†function allows users to focus on a particular conversation, even when people are talking over each other. Everyone can be heard, not just the loudest, dominant talkers. This enables more natural interactions because more subtle audio cues are preserved.

BT has held more than 10,000 trial conferences of BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice generating more than a million conference minutes. Nine out of 10 participants prefer BT’s MeetMe with Dolby Voice over their normal audio conferencing product, the company said.

As per a new report from the University of Cambridge, 91 percent of the businesses surveyed found audio conferencing is still the most frequently used conferencing technology. According to 96 percent of the companies surveyed, “having good sound quality” was the most important factor impacting effectiveness of conference calls, followed by “using reliable conferencing technology” (93 percent).

By improving the sound quality of a call, participants will be less stressed and less tired, and thus in a better position to clearly communicate their views and understand those of other attendees.”

Andrew Border, VP, Communications Business Group, Dolby, said BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice makes conference calls sound and feel more like everyone is in the same room, which encourages participation, spontaneity, and collaboration, resulting in more productive meetings.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice is an audio conferencing service which can be integrated with existing collaboration tools including Web conferencing. The software runs on standard PCs and Macs, and it can be delivered through a standard stereo headset.

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