Brother announces OmniJoin Intelligent Video

Brother International announced OmniJoin Intelligent Video, a new HD technology feature to ensure optimal video experience under varying network conditions.

OmniJoin is a web and video conferencing service designed to help mid-sized companies and corporate workgroups improve their business collaboration.

OmniJoin Intelligent Video scales seamlessly from low web resolutions to multipoint, full HD 1080p. Enterprises will benefit as it responds to changes in display layout and real-time bandwidth availability of the meeting participants.


Features of OmniJoin

  • Intelligent Resolution, to ensure maximum resolution is synced for every participant
  • Intelligent Layout, to help improve video display by normalizing mixed aspect ratios occurring with variations in camera input
  • Automatic adjustments to aspect ratio when video feed is added or scaled up/down for true to life representation

“Our OmniJoin video and web conferencing service, now with Intelligent Video, helps us ensure that we are providing the ideal meeting solution and experience for users,” said Bill Henderson, vice president of Brother International Corp.

OmniJoin web conferencing offers boardroom-quality web and video conferencing and advanced collaboration tools, like screen sharing, cloud storage, whiteboards, customizable views and chat. OmniJoin advanced infrastructure ensures all web meetings occur in the closest cloud, resulting in a vast improvement in video quality over many other similar services.

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