Aryaka WAN improves video conferencing at Essel Propack

Aryaka WAN
Aryaka said that Essel Propack has achieved stable connectivity and improved the quality of video conferencing following the deployment of its software-defined private WAN as-a-service.

Prior to deploying Aryaka, the Indian company faced network and application performance issues especially for real-time video traffic, between their offices in India, Egypt, Poland, China and United States.

The Internet-based architecture, which was in place previously, failed to meet quality expectations, resulting in frequent disconnects during video conferencing calls.

Benefits after deploying Aryaka
# Elimination of disconnects during video conferencing
# Over 10x faster TCP Connection set up
# Down to less than 2 percent packet loss for real-time traffic

Prakash Dharmani, CIO at Essel Propack, said: “When we evaluated Aryaka’s solution, we were surprised with the quality and stability of video over their network, along with the connectivity Aryaka provided to all our sites. We were impressed with the agility during installation and the responsiveness of Aryaka’s support team.”

During the trial of Aryaka’s WAN as-a-service, Essel Propack’s IT team witnessed improvements in video quality on all locations. Aryaka’s cloud-delivered solution transports high-priority video traffic over a multi-tenant private network based on Points of Presence (POPs).

Aryaka offered cloud-based subscription model, while other legacy options involved a vendor lock-in.

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