Waddington Group deploys VMware vSphere to achieve better IT agility

The Waddington Group, a packaging manufacturer and marketer, has deployed VMware vSphere with Operations Management, to achieve increased IT agility and efficiency.

VMware vSphere with Operations Management has enabled TWG to reduce the time spent integrating backend systems by more than 80 percent, increase consolidation ratio by 52 percent, increase data center efficiency by 34 percent, increase storage capacity utilization by 31 percent and increase memory utilization by 19 percent.

Paul Reed, director of IT at The Waddington Group, said: “We deployed VMware vSphere with Operations Management to help us virtualize and automate our infrastructure and reimagine how we deliver IT services moving forward.”

TWG, which expanded through acquisitions in Canada and the U.S. in the last three years, has adopted server virtualization to rationalize and eliminate duplicate hardware and software systems. Beyond reducing costs through hardware and software consolidation, TWG is also focused on lowering power and cooling consumption costs.

TWG completed the implementation of VMware vSphere with Operations Management in March 2014 with the help of MTM Technologies, a provider of information technology solutions and services.

Prior to 2014, The Waddington Group had virtualized its disaster recovery for its IFS ERP system with VMware solutions.