SAP Jam boon for companies in driving business and lowering costs

SAP Jam, cloud based social software platform has helped companies to improve sales cycle times, decrease time to access information and expertise and lower costs associated with common new business processes, said Forrester study commissioned by SAP SE.

According to the study, SAP Jam has grown to more than 17.5 million subscribers in the past two years.

Organizations can drive the results with work patterns, pre build processes offered by SAP Jam that bring together the people, data and decision-making capabilities when and where people need them.

The study shows that an organization can have an average revenue increase of US$9.63 million as the SAP Jam helps in reducing time to close new business by more than 9 percent in three years.

The study, Total Economic Impact of SAP Jam, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP shows, Companies also experienced a 14 percent decrease in time to access information and expertise with SAP Jam, providing a gain of more than US$7 million.

With the cloud based platform, cost to train and onboard new employees is also reduced to 13 percent which saves more than US $1.6 million.

SAP Jam has also helped the companies to resolve customer service issues more quickly and helped in saving more than US $1.1 million.

Sameer Patel , SAP

“When SAP entered the collaboration market in 2012 with SAP Jam, we were convinced that there was a much better way to accelerate organizational performance for our customers by improving how they engage with their employees, customers and partners,” said Sameer Patel, senior vice president and general manager, Products and GTM Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software, SAP.

SAP Jam provides collaboration tools link to applications, processes and data, employees, customers and partners can solve business problems, make decisions and drive results.

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