HP announces $55.8 million IT deal with Anaheim city

HP Enterprise Services announced a $55.8 million IT deal with the city of Anaheim, Calif., to manage the city’s information technology environment.

The duration of the contract is five years.

The current deal is an extension of HP’s 10-year old association with the city of Anaheim.

In addition to providing services for Anaheim’s IT infrastructure, the enterprises IT vendor will also be enhancing services with an upgraded disaster recovery solution that will ensure business continuity following a catastrophic event.

New services include infrastructure enhancements designed to accelerate hosting service virtualization, lower power consumption with PC power management and enhance IT security.

HP will expand the current videoconferencing solution to increase access to Anaheim’s governance. The agreement includes new web content management services for the city’s internet and intranet sites to streamline workflow and improve communications with citizens.


As per the deal, HP will manage Anaheim’s data center facility and operations, server management services for its 400-plus servers and storage management services.

This apart, HP provides network management services to monitor, manage and secure Anaheim’s wired and wireless network and workplace services to manage the city’s end-user computing environment, giving the city’s 2,300 employees who use PCs, laptops, mobile devices and printers a single point of contact for all IT-related service and support.

Additionally, HP provides applications development and management services to develop and maintain more than 100 critical applications.

HP also developed and manages the enterprise virtual operations center (EVOC), a virtual situational awareness system that supports multiple, near real-time data sources for police, fire and emergency management that provides holistic views of all first responder events and improves incident response and management.

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