HID Global integrates Dell technologies to deliver advanced healthcare solutions

Infotech Lead India: HID Global, a provider of secure identity solutions, has announced partnership with Dell, to incorporate OMNIKEY 5321 readers into Dell’s Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC) solution.

HID Global integrates Dell technologies to deliver advanced healthcare solutions

The integrated solution offers greater security through a single authentication, fast and automatic, made with their own ID badge.

The purpose of Mobile Clinical Computing solution is to bring mobility to the hospital, save time, improve the quality of patient care, and increase hospital’s operational productivity up to 25 percent.

The solution allows health care providers to have secure access to all authorized data and applications without the need to memorize different login IDs and passwords to hospital systems or external solutions.

Dell’s Mobile Clinical Computing solution consists of two pillars – cross-platform virtualization and mobility equipment, providing healthcare organizations more efficiency, productivity and full data security.

According to Gustavo Gassmann, director of Sales at HID Global in Brazil, the two factor authentication is always used for employee access: the identification card that can also be used for physical access, and a password. Besides the ease of use of the technology, security is guaranteed for the multiple users who share the same machine.

With a dual interface, HID Global’s OMNIKEY 5321 reader is for external use via USB and supports 13.56 MHz contactless iCLASS and MIFARE cards that follow ISO 14443 A / B and ISO 15693 standards.

The reader allows users to experience the convenience, speed and security of contactless technology for different applications including login to Windows, networks, websites and applications for the secure storage of user names, passwords and personal information.

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