Healthcare IT spending in India to touch 57 billion rupees in 2013, says Gartner

Infotech Lead India:Healthcare IT spending in India will increase 7 percent to reach 57 billion rupees against 2012 revenue of 53 billion rupees, according to Gartner.Telecommunications, which includes telecommunications and networking equipment and services, will remain the largest overall Indian healthcare IT spending category throughout the forecast period within the healthcare providers sector. It is expected to grow 3.9 percent in 2013 to reach 17.2 billion rupees in 2013, up from 16.6 billion in 2012.Most of the growth in telecommunications is expected in enterprise communication equipment.

Hospital information systems, picture archiving and communications systems, electronic health records and mobile technologies will be high on the agenda.


The forecast includes spending by healthcare providers including hospitals and hospital systems, as well as ambulatory service and physicians’ practices on internal IT, hardware, software, external IT services and telecommunications.

Internal services will achieve the highest growth rate amongst the spending categories – forecast to be 18 percent in 2013. Internal services refer to salaries and benefits paid to the information services staff of an organization.

IT services will achieve the next highest growth rate amongst the spending categories – forecast to grow 9.7 percent in 2013 to reach 14.5 billion rupees in 2013, up from 13.2 billion in 2012 led by growth in process management and  consulting.

“Rising demand from the growing middle class in India’s large cities is fueling growth in private sector healthcare. Large national and state government programs will spur growth along the primary (and secondary) care sector and public health domain,” said Anurag Gupta, research director at Gartner.

“We expect to see providers benefit by offering cost effective business models which show quick returns on capital by improving patient coverage and improving quality of care,” Gupta added. “Health insurance growth will also catalyze technology adoption in healthcare provider segments.”

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