Colombian government continues to use Datacard group’s solutions

Infotech Lead America: Datacard Group, provider of secure ID and card personalization solutions, announced that the Colombian government is continuing to implement an additional Datacard passport issuance system to issue highly secure citizen passports by Working closely with Identificación Plástica S. A. —an Enterprise Solutions Provider (ESP) for Datacard Group.Datacard and Identificación Plástica S. A. have been able to meet the needs of the government since 2009 and have continued to help enhance the government’s passport issuance capabilities.

Datacard Group collaborates with government agencies and integrators worldwide to solve complex identity card issues. Their solutions include best-in-class personalization, identity management software, secure supplies and support. These solutions are formulated to deliver exceptional security and fraud prevention for government ID card programs that involve national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, smart IDs, healthcare IDs, e-government applications and electronic polling management.

Currently, the combined integrated solution for the Colombian government includes Datacard high throughput passport issuance systems; desktop systems for regional issuance, as well as in-country local services and support provided by Identificación Plástica S. A.

The Datacard PB6500 passport issuance system is utilized for the central issuance of the Colombian citizens’ passports. It is an automated, inline high-volume passport production system offering a flexible, modular design. This enables the government to start with the most cost-effective configuration for their program and incorporate new technologies as they become available and as needs change.

The Colombian government is utilizing a modular configuration that includes a vision verification module and laser engraving to personalize the polycarbonate data page on each passport. Laser engraving enables “Security at the Time of Personalization,” by adding key identification and security elements to making it challenging for counterfeiters.

Datacard has deployed solutions in over 350 programs in more than 95 countries.

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