AVIA improves communications and collaborations with Uniphy platform

Healthcare Engagement Solutions today announced that AVIA, a healthcare insurance solutions provider, has selected its Uniphy communications and collaboration platform, for AVIA’s upcoming innovation cohort, which will focus on patient experience.

An innovation cohort is a group of like-minded healthcare providers solving common strategic challenges. Through AVIA, participants in the group source and implement the best new technology solutions, creating new markets for early-stage technologies.

Two of the healthcare providers that will be participating in the patient experience cohort are NorthShore University Health System in Chicago and OSF Health System based in Peoria, Ill.

Uniphy combines elements of social media, secure messaging, data visualization and content aggregation into an easy-to- use, mobile-friendly, and HIPAA-secure platform. In a care setting, physicians, nurses and other care providers use the interface to access the information they need and to communicate with each other in real time.

Uniphy promotes clinical productivity and collaboration among healthcare organizations, resulting in better patient outcomes.

According to Chuck French, co-founder of Healthcare Engagement Solutions, Uniphy will revolutionize the way doctors and nurses communicate and coordinate patient care. The solution can solve communication issues by combining many of the tools healthcare providers rely on in a secure, intuitive interface.

“AVIA is supporting the efforts of Healthcare Engagement Solutions because we believe that Uniphy has the potential to create a new era in patient-care efficiency and effectiveness,” said Eric Jensen, chief operating officer of AVIA. “Communication and collaboration are critical in order to arrive at the best possible outcomes.”

“Our goal is to help providers solve problems by quickly evaluating and adopting innovative technologies as they become available. Uniphy fits well within our strategy to empower members of our Innovator Network with technology that streamlines the process,” Jensen added.

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