Business smartphone dips 3% to 89.3 million in Q2 2015

Apple iOS 8 for enterprises
Business smartphone shipments dipped 3 percent to 89.3 million in Q2 2015 from Q1 2015, but rose 16 percent from Q2 2014, said Strategy Analytics.

Business tablets shipment rose 2 percent to 19.6 million units in Q2 from Q1.

In both business markets, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is the dominant type of device, accounting for over two thirds of device shipments in each respective category.

Google Android dominated mobile operating system for business smartphones with 65 percent and tablets with 52 percent in Q2.

Apple iOS devices accounted for 28 percent of business smartphone shipments and 38 percent of tablet shipments.
Microsoft accounted for 6 percent of the business smartphones shipments in Q2 and 10 percent of tablets. Growth of Microsoft’s Surface tablet — 42 percent from Q1-Q 2015 — contributed to this.

“Enterprises will continue to roll out tablets as laptop replacements for certain groups of employees, as well as for more single-purpose functions, such as kiosks and point-of-sale devices, which will be corporate-owned. This will mean a slight shift away from the BYOD model of tablets to a more corporate-liable model,” said Phil Hochmuth, directory of Mobile Workforce Strategies research at Strategy Analytics.

Asia Pacific was the largest market for business smartphones in Q2, accounting for 50 percent of worldwide business smartphone shipments. North America was the second largest market at 23 percent.

In both APAC and North America, BYOD is the domain device type, with nearly three quarters of all shipments in both markets being persona-liable devices.

In Western Europe in Q2, the third largest business smartphone market at 11 percent of total shipments, corporate-liable smartphones continue to be the norm, as 62 percent of smartphones shipped in the region were company-owned.

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