Integration Manager simplifies shipping in e-commerce businesses

Infotech Lead America: FedEx has simplified the way small business customers manage their multiple stores online with the launch of a new tool called Integration Manager. Integration Manager is a web-based tool that simplifies the shipping process so that e-commerce customers spend their time selling instead of wasting it on shipping.

Thanks to the new tool, small business customers need to enter their e-commerce providers’ account information only once, and all orders will be gathered and consolidated upon each login.

A central order screen makes it easy to review orders. Integration Manager also enables printing of labels.

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“As any business owner who manages multiple online stores knows, managing the shipping of your goods can be time-consuming,” said Charlie Ciaramitaro, director of marketing, FedEx Services. “The Integration Manager tool makes it simple, giving business owners more time to concentrate on what they do best—growing their businesses.” Integration Manager works with e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Google Checkout and Yahoo so that business owners can organize, review and process their shipments from multiple stores in one place.

From groceries to clothes, furniture to the latest smartphone, consumers now know that they are likely to get better deals online.

Concepts like Integration Manager offer a win-win solution for both customers and businesses that survive through online businesses.

A recent report on e-commerce revealed that India’s eCommerce market is at an early stage but is expected to see huge growth over the next four to five years. An increasing number of global companies are eyeing the rapidly growing eCommerce market in India as improvements in infrastructure are made and India’s economy grows.

Muralikrishnan B, country manager, eBay India, says that eBay India has been propagating the advantages of shopping online through proactive engagement to provoke eCommerce trial among consumers and have already witnessed a massive evolution in the way consumers shop.

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