GST solution from HP and KPMG

HP, KPMG introduce GST solution for traders, MSMEs

HP India, in collaboration with KPMG, on Monday launched a secure and affordable invoicing platform called "GST Solution" to help millions of traders and...
British Airways and technology

IT systems crash hits British Airways, flights cancelled

British Airways' computer systems went down globally on Saturday, leading to widespread delays and even cancellation of flights from Heathrow and Gatwick for hours,...
School students

Over 9,000 Kerala schools get IT boost

The Kerala education department on Friday announced the holistic intervention of ICT (information and communication technologies) that will assist education in 9,279 schools.Students of...

India to have 20-25 lakh jobs in IT sector in 4-5 years

Denying the reports of a downturn in employment in the country's IT industry, Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday said...

India needs to rethink strategy for the IT sector

The Indian IT industry is at the crossroads. It first suffered the long-expected shock of the Trump administration's policy shift against the H1B work...
US dollar

Dell Technologies Capital invests in more than 70 early-stage startups

Dell Technologies Capital said it has been an active investor in more than 70 early-stage startups since its inception a few years ago.“We provide...

Rs 2,256 crore project for GST integration approved

The government has approved Rs 2,256 crore outlay for Project Saksham to bolster the information technology network for the new GST regime, Parliament was...
IT buyers' survey

IT buyer survey results unveiled

A latest survey revealed that 86 percent of firms would upgrade their Windows PCs to Windows 10 within 3-4 years.Results from the recent Decision-Maker...

IT spending by banks in India to grow: Gartner

IT spending by banking and security firms in India will reach $8.9 billion in 2017 -- an increase of 9.7 per cent from 2016,...
Dell prodeplyoment client suit

Dell EMC launches new services to help organizations deploy PCs faster

Dell EMC launched a set of services in ProDeploy Client Suite, designed to enable customers to deploy PCs faster.With three different service levels, training...



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