IoT and Smart City solutions to gain momentum in Dubai

Smart city Dubai
Enterprise networking vendor Cisco and the IoT industry will showcase more than 20 digital city and connected industry solution deployments at the third Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) event from December 6-8 in Dubai.

IoT deployments – both connected and interconnected — such as connected parking, connected lighting and waste management, alongside other vertical industries will be showcased.

Anil Menon, president, Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco, said: “IoT / smart city solutions are ready to be scaled.”

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities are integrating nearly all the solutions into a digital platform in Dubai’s Command and Control Center. The digital platform will aggregate data from various sensors, solutions, and partner applications; conduct data analytics; and supports urban services.

Kansas City, MO in the US, Adelaide in Australia, Hamburg, Germany and Bangalore in India has already started using a single digital data platform for managing their urban services.

Sebastian Saxe, chief information officer of Hamburg Port Authority, said: “To create a model where we are able to do this without negatively impacting the citizens and the city itself is our goal.”

Smart Cities are expected to capture and analyze data coming from the many sensors, cameras and mobile devices in use. They are employing new analytics techniques such as fog computing that is able to gather, process, and conduct analysis right at the edge of a network.

OpenFog Consortium aims to enable technology scenarios for the Internet of Things through the development of an open architecture, core technologies including the capabilities of distributed computing, networking, and storage as well as the leadership needed to realize the full potential of IoT.

John Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco, will deliver a keynote at the IoTWF on how the Internet of Things is creating a new world of possibilities through digitization.

The d3 Smart City platform is a showcase of how government entities and business associates can collaborate to provide the best services and applications for the population visiting and working at d3

Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, chief operating officer, Dubai Design District (d3), said: “Our aim is to select and implement those Smart solutions that will bring significant benefits to business partners, visitors and management — and, importantly, to Dubai as a Smart City.”

Bangalore’s Electronic City Industries Association (ELCIA) has studied the data collected from the city digital platform lighting and parking use cases that were deployed in Bangalore Electronics City in February 2015 by the Cisco Smart+Connected Communities team.

“This data is proving to be useful in helping ELCIA understand the energy consumed by public street lighting as well as the usage of on-street parking at the ELCIA campus. We are now beginning to socialize this data with other sensor devices / applications development companies in ELCIA,” said Rama N.S., CEO of ELCIA.

Jane Booth, general manager City and Organizational Development Adelaide City Council, said: “Our Smart City pilots will help us demonstrate the value of a sensor-connected infrastructure to deliver new and improved citizen experiences.”

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