Amazon launches AWS IoT platform

Amazon web services

Amazon Web Services launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform that allows things to connect with AWS services.

With AWS IoT, customers can connect their devices to AWS IoT via the Device Gateway using both HTTP and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT).

Further, the platform provides security to data and interactions. It offers mutual authentication so that data is never exchanged between devices and AWS IoT without proven identity, and encrypts all data coming into and out of connected devices.

AWS IoT’s rules engine lets customers define rules that filter, process, and route data between devices, AWS services, and applications.  The platform allows cloud applications to interact with connected devices even when they are offline.

AWS users Diversey Care and Rachio certify that the IoT platform is simplifying efforts in their respective functional areas.

“Supporting millions of connected cleaning appliances means we have to process massive amounts of telemetry and command data from these devices reliably, with low-latency, and cost-effectively,” said Ilham Kadri, President, Diversey Care.  “Now we can rely on AWS IoT for that critical infrastructure, and focus on helping our customers create cleaner, healthier environments.”

Rachio makes a WiFi smart sprinkler controller that helps customers water for better results and lower costs by adjusting for weather conditions and adapting to their yard. “AWS IoT’s Device Shadows greatly simplify our app development,” said Franz Garsombke, Chief Technology Officer, Rachio.

IT service providers like Arrow, Avnet, Broadcom, Intel, Marvell, Mediatek, Microchip, Qualcomm, Renasas, SeedStudio, and Texas Instruments have expressed interest to offer Internet of Things starter kits with AWS IoT ready hardware components.

A day earlier, Amazon Web Services launched Amazon QuickSight ,  cloud-powered business intelligence service that makes it easy for all employees to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data.

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