Cisco revenue dips 15%, Polycom slips 6%, Huawei up 9% in Q2 videoconferencing market

Enterprise videoconferencing and telepresence equipment revenue of Cisco dipped 15.2 percent year over year in the second quarter of 2014, said IDC.

Cisco remains the leader in enterprise videoconferencing equipment with a 38.4 percent share of the worldwide market.

Polycom’s revenue declined 6.2 percent. Polycom retains the second in enterprise videoconferencing equipment with a 30.3 percent share.

Huawei revenue increased 8.6 percent. Huawei ranks third with a 9.1 percent share of the worldwide enterprise videoconferencing market.

IDC said the worldwide enterprise videoconferencing and telepresence equipment revenue decreased 9 percent to $482 million.

The total number of video units sold increased 5.5 percent in Q2 2014.

Cisco videoconferencing

Regionally, North America (U.S. and Canada) revenue decreased 12.2 percent.

Latin America revenue increased 9.1 percent.

In Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA), revenue decreased 4.1 percent.

In Asia Pacific, revenue decreased 12.1 percent.

“We continue to see the impact of delayed customer buying decisions, lower-cost systems, more software-centric products, and competitive cloud-based video service offerings on the enterprise video equipment market,” said Rich Costello, senior analyst, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure at IDC.

IDC said the mixed video equipment results are also indicative of the ongoing transition from a primarily hardware-based reporting model to one impacted by the interest in and growth of video subscription services.

Video equipment vendors are ramping-up to offer cloud-based video alternatives to customers – in addition to their own lower cost, premises-based systems.

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  • Alex Alvar

    It is not strange that Polycom fall out, the human resources policy to hire business people is the worse policy, they just are hiring people without experience and giving them positions that they cannot develop, Polycom will follow falling.