Surf online for Diwali shopping of diyas and lanterns

Diwali shopping
E-commerce platforms in India are providing several hand-painted diyas, hand-made lanterns and rangoli to do up your house this Diwali.

The booming online industry is in overdrive to provide the smallest of Diwali items online as shopping of home decor for Diwali is perhaps the most exciting part of the festival.

“People are gradually flocking to websites more for purchase of Diwali products as the festival is coming close. It is more convenient and comfortable,” said Pallavi Khemka, Founder of Khatte Meethe, that has come up with special illuminated rangoli for the festival, told IANS.

E-crafts India is another online platform which have been selling many items from Lakshmi idols to candles.

“Many options are available on web which are often not available in stores. Also, we provide easy return and exchange facility which is always an added advantage,” said Rahul Jain, founder of E-Crafts India.

Online Diwali shopping is turning into a time saviour for youngsters and professional couples.

Sreeparna Sinha, who works at an MNC and recently shifted to Gurgaon, said: “Online availability of even simple things like lanterns, rice-bulbs and diyas has indeed saved our time as me and my husband are both working professionals. We didn’t had enough time to go from one store to another looking for products.”

IndianRoots is another website that has come up with ExclusiveLane concept for shoppers that is providing handcrafted products from rural artisans from different parts of the country.

Fancy diyas and lanterns are also available on Amazon, Paytm and many other websites.