Xerox expands Managed Print Services to streamline everyday work processes

Xerox has expanded Managed Print Services (MPS) with new tools and services designed to streamline and improve everyday work processes.

The next generation of managed print services helps clients take control of information while managing everyday concerns such as productivity, mobility, security and sustainability, said Vishal Awal, executive director – Services, Xerox South Asia.

“Xerox is turbo-charging its managed print and document services strategy,” said Angèle Boyd, group vice president, Imaging/Output Document Solutions and SMB, IDC. “They are moving MPS beyond the consolidation of printers to a holistic business approach that streamlines and improves everyday work processes.”

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New tools and services available within Xerox’s MPS offerings are offered in a three-stage approach: Assess and Optimize; Secure and Integrate; and Automate and Simplify. They help bridge the paper and digital worlds, the company said.

Xerox CompleteView Pro creates visual dashboards via Web-based, interaction application providing “what if” scenarios of a client’s print environment, such as total cost of ownership, device ratios, device utilization, and sustainability metrics.

Xerox Production Assessment Services review production print environments to achieve the most direct path to cost savings and efficiency. Assessments include capacity utilization, total cost of ownership, production value chain and service process maturity.

Xerox Print Security Audit Service monitors a client’s print policy to identify and resolve compliance issues. The offering includes consultative services using data collection tools and analytics.

Xerox Print Server Management Service frees up an enterprise’s IT resources by having Xerox oversee and consolidate print servers, print queues and drivers.

Xerox Mobile Print Solution offers secure printing via the Xerox Mobile Print app. Users can print from their desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile devices and smartphones.

Additional enhancements include locating public printers using GPS and maps; integrated cloud printing with a customer’s active directory; secure Card Reader and Follow You Print solutions for a unified end user experience; Web page printing, media selection and support for large scale global deployment models.

Xerox Content Management Services help enterprises automate, simplify and reduce paper in their work processes.  Xerox’s workflow automation and document management tools, as well as consultative services help them achieve efficiencies.

Xerox Ignite electronically grades exams and produces analytics allowing educators to customize learning based on the student’s progression.

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