Oracle brings MICROS Workstation 6 for harsh environments

Oracle has announced the launch of Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 with a fresh and modern look.

Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 provides hospitality and retail venues with the newest generation of POS workstation.

The company said that the Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 is part of an integrated strategy built around content delivery and is a single engagement device that shares digital content from a variety of sources with both staff members and guests.

The all in one design of the MICROS workstation 6 includes a full high definition (HD) 15.6 inch wide screen LCD with multi touch performance and the screen can be mounted on its stand for adjustment.

The new terminal also expands the integrated family of Oracle’s MICROS engagement devices, Oracle’s MICROS R-Series Tablet and Oracle’s MICROS E-Series Tablet 8 inch and 11 inch version.

The company officials said Oracle’s MICROS Workstation operates the Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro system and runs on the Intel Atom processor for high performance and low thermal output.

Oracle’s MICROS Workstation has a three track magnetic card reader which is capable of 3DES or AES encryption at the swipe and 6 USB ports so that users can attach to printers, scanners, cash drawers.

Oracle mentioned its MICROS Workstation has been designed to withstand harsh environments common in the hospitality industry for maximum efficiency and extended product life.

“We believe Oracle’s MICROS product delivers a better overall guest experience while providing us with a durable and flexible long term solution,” said John Huddle, director of Information Technology at Silver Diner, the American Restaurant chain.

Last month, Oracle unveiled new big solutions, Oracle Big Data Discovery, Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data, Oracle Big Data SQL 1.1 and Oracle NoSQL Database 3.2.5, that simplify information access and discovery for customers to quickly turn data into business value.

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