Lenovo leads, Acer and Asus dip in PC market share chart for Q3 2013: IDC

Chinese devices major Lenovo is leading the global PC market share chart for third quarter of 2013, said IT market research agency IDC. Both Acer and Asus PC market share dipped significantly.

Lenovo increased PC market share to 17.3 percent in Q3 2013 from 15.7 percent in Q3 2012.

In second position is HP with 17.1 percent PC market share against 15.8 percent in Q3 2012.

Dell is in third rank in the global PC market with 11.7 percent that rose from 10.8 percent.

Acer’s PC market share dipped to 6.7 percent from 9.5 percent. Asus’ market share decline was also significant to 5.2 percent from 7.2 percent.

Worldwide PC shipments declined 7.6 percent to 81.6 million units in the third quarter of 2013. IDC said the market was buoyed by business purchases, as well as channel intake of Windows 8.1-based systems during September.

PC market share chart for Q3 2013

How PC vendors performed

Lenovo, HP and Dell — which increased market share — have an important presence in the enterprise and public sectors, IDC said. Conversely, consumer sentiment remained lukewarm as evidenced by the continued struggles of Acer and ASUS.


Lenovo continued to expand its channel reach as well as experiment with new form factors. Troubles in Asia/Pacific continued to pose a significant problem, where much of the lower-tier channels struggled with inventory clearance, constraining overall growth. However, the vendor posted a strong gain in the U.S. market, growing more than 2 percent compared to a year ago.


HP continued to receive a boost from shipments to India as part of a large education project. Shipment trends also improved in the U.S. and EMEA, but HP continued to face struggles in Latin America.


Dell maintained growth in the Americas market. The company managed to edge past 9.5 million units shipped in a quarter for the first time in over a year.


Acer continued to be affected by declines in shipments across all regions due to continued weakness in consumer PC spending. The firm nevertheless has remained aggressive in trying new form factors and hybrid devices.


ASUS shared a similar predicament with Acer where despite a focus on new designs, its lack of corporate customer base has also limited its growth.

IDC market share list of top 5 PC Vendors, Third Quarter 2013 (Preliminary)
(Units Shipments are in thousands)

Vendor  3Q13
  3Q13 Market
  3Q12 Market
1. Lenovo  14,136  17.3 %  13,828  15.7 %  2.2 %
2. HP13,99217.1 %13,93115.8 %0.4 %
3. Dell9,51911.7 %9,49310.8 %0.3 %
4. Acer Group5,4676.7 %8,3499.5 %-34.5 %
5. ASUS4,2085.2 %6,3847.2 %-34.1 %
Others34,28742.0 %36,31441.1 %-5.6 %
Total81,609100.0 %88,298100.0 %-7.6 %

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