Jabra upgrades BIZ 2400II handset for contact centers

Jabra North America has updated Jabra BIZ 2400II premium headset and the LINK 860 digital amplifier.

Jabra is also offering a new subscription based services which are developed for contact center to bolster its vision of headset deployments as a total solution of hardware, software and services bundled together.

Jabra has designed BIZ 2400II premium handset for contact centers with the idea that their agents are brand’s front line ambassadors.

The updated version has an Ultra Noise Cancelling microphone, acoustic shock protection, enhanced speakers and more comfortable padding

Meanwhile, Jabra has built LINK 860 digital amplifier to reduce down-time by improving upon its previous iterations of digital amplifiers with a seamless switching capability between PC and telephone mode via an easy to access button on top of the unit.
The fully integrated volume control synchronizes with the user’s PC as well as manages volume for desk phones.
The USB connected digital amplifier helps in reducing field maintenance issues as they do not require any batteries.
Jabra announced the Jabra BIZ 2400II quick disconnect version is currently available while the USB versions will begin shipping in June, 2015 and the Jabra LINK 860 will be available in July, 2015.

The US customer has the option to avoid large up-front capital expenses usually associated with large headset purchases with its demand subscription based service. Additionally, customer can use their new headsets with a single low monthly per-headset fee.

In February, Jabra and Esna Technologies collaborated to provide a solution that enables full call control directly from the Jabra headset for customers’ usingEsna iLink for Cisco Jabber.

In January last year, Jabra launched the Jabra BIZ 2300 headset for the next generation contact centers.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]