Intel to support FC Barcelona with new technologies

Chip major Intel will support FC Barcelona with new technologies and a sponsorship deal.

Deborah Conrad, Intel chief marketing officer, said: “The technology we are deploying and the programs we are working on together are designed to elevate FC Barcelona into one of the most technologically advanced soccer clubs in the world and to launch an ambitious slate of educational initiatives.”

The new FC Barcelona jersey will feature the Intel logo inside. This is the first-ever placement of a logo inside the club’s jersey. The new jersey will be worn beginning in the La Liga match against Villareal on December 14.

As part of the deal, Intel will be providing the latest Intel-based technology to the students at the La Masia academy to enable and foster a culture of creativity.

Intel to support FC Barcelona with new technologies

Intel will also be supplying FC Barcelona players and coaches with the latest Intel-based 2 in 1 devices, while working with the club to improve its research, training and performance via the most up-to-date technology.

The Chip major will be working to improve the fan experience through new technology at Camp Nou, Spain.

In addition, Intel will be delivering the latest technology to the education network FC Barcelona has built across the globe.

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