Apple iPads gain biz from enterprises

Apple today said several global enterprises are using iPad to improve customer service, boost work and productivity and enhance critical processes.

“iPad continues to be the standard for teams across the airline industry. Qantas Airlines has over 15,000 iPads deployed to pilots as well as cabin, customer service and ground crews to enhance key processes across the daily operations and governments are deploying thousands of iPads worldwide. One of the largest examples is Sweden, where over 100,000 iPads are being used by local government offices across the country,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

Enterprise sale reflects in iPad sales globally. Apple sold 15.3 million units of iPads in Q3 2014 against 14.6 million in the June quarter last year.

Apple said iPad sales grew 64 percent in the Middle-East, 51 percent in China and 45 percent in China.

The device vendor also said it sold 4.4 million Macs as compared to under 3.8 million in the year ago quarter, an increase of 18percent year-over-year and a new June quarter record.

“The increase was driven by portables, thanks to strong growth of MacBook Air. We achieved strong double digit Mac growth across many countries, including the U.S. Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, China, India and the Middle-East. This growth is particularly impressive, given the contraction of the overall PC market. Macs have now gained global market share for 32 of the last 33 quarters,” Cook said.

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iPad in education

In education, iPad tablet has 85 percent share of the U.S. education tablet market according to the latest published estimate from IDC.

“We’ve now sold 13 million iPads to education customers globally. We’re bringing teachers and students great new tools to build an experience educational count into an iPad. As of this month, teachers using the free iTunes U app can create, edit and manage entire courses that are on iPad for the first time and students can discover new ways to collaborate, including the ability to start class discussions and ask questions right from their iPad,” Cook added.

Apple has registered revenue of $37.4 billion in the third quarter of this fiscal, which ended on June 28.

Apple said that the net profit reached around $7.7 billion.

Frank Gillett, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research, said: “Apple customers are at the forefront of the change in behavior that leading customers adopt as they gain experience with using their smartphones to solve problems in context.”

“Apple’s earnings will show how rapidly China Telecom customers are embracing their new LTE network, and the role of the iPad and Mac in complementing the iPhone. Forrester believes that it’s still very early in the mobile mind shift that consumers around the world are embracing, and that Apple’s results will show that its products continue to play a leading role in that shift,” Gillett added.

Baburajan K