SIX Financial Information deployed in Equinix TY3 data center in Tokyo


Equinix data center pix

Infotech Lead America: Global interconnection and data center provider Equinix has been selected by SIX Financial Information to deploy its second Asia Pacific infrastructure node in Japan.

SIX Financial Information is a division of SIX, which includes the leading regulated securities exchange in Europe.

The deployment will provide SIX Financial Information access to a vibrant and growing electronic trading community in Tokyo, one of the top sixteen financial markets served by Equinix.

SIX Financial Information is deployed in Equinix’s TY3 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Tokyo, Japan. TY3 will serve as a key hub for offering SIX Financial Information’s market participants first-rate services to enable execution of complex cross-territory trading strategies.

“Global financial markets like Tokyo require well-connected data centers to meet the needs of today’s financial services industry,” said David Wilkinson, senior director of business development at Equinix Asia Pacific. “To compete in this complex, real-time transaction environment, financial firms need a secure environment, rich network choices and the ability to connect to multiple partners simultaneously.”

The deployment will  benefit the participants of SIX Financial Information’s financial community as it will provide them with access to a secure, power-dense, high-availability and high-connectivity data center environment that connects an ecosystem of financial services participants, networks, cloud and cloud computing service providers in the Asia-Pacific region.

“With Platform Equinix, we can connect directly to our growing trading ecosystem inside TY3, many of which are customers and partners of SIX,” said Alain Delfosse, managing director of SIX Financial Information Japan. “Connectivity costs can also be controlled as demand scales through an extended choice of network providers inside Equinix.”

Equinix to sell 16 data centers in United States for approximately $75 million

Recently Equinix said it is set to sell 16 data centers in the United States to an investment group consisting of 365 Main, Crosslink Capital and Housatonic Partners for approximately $75 million.

365 Main will own and manage the 16 data centers, led by industry veterans Chris Dolan, CEO, and Jamie McGrath, COO.


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