Siemens’ new data center solution bridges gap between IT and facility management

Infotech Lead America: Siemens has launched its new Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

Siemens says its Datacenter Clarity LC bridges the gap between IT and facility management, allowing for smarter decision making and optimized efficiencies.

This is Siemens’ first offering in the DCIM space.

John Kovach, Siemens’ new Global Head of Data Centers, says Datacenter Clarity LC provides

IT/Building/Fire & Safety/Security Asset Lifecycle Management; Asset Visualization in HD4D – Visual Data Overlaid on 3D Virtual Data Center Model; Real-time Monitoring, Alarm and Event Notification; Capacity Planning; Workflow and Work Order Management; CFD Modeling and Analysis, etc.

Datacenter Clarity LC is a result of Siemens’ integration and management capabilities across an entire portfolio of technologies within an enterprise, and a data center-specific software suite built upon Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.

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