Rackspace Hosting enhances support offerings for Rackspace Private Cloud Software


Infotech Lead America: Rackspace Hosting announced enhanced support offerings for the Rackspace Private Cloud Software.

Since the OpenStack-powered Rackspace Private Cloud Software launched in August, thousands of organizations have downloaded the software from over 125 countries.

“The goal of the Rackspace Private Cloud Software is to provide customers with a fast and easy way to deploy a free OpenStack-powered private cloud anywhere in the world,” Mike Aeschliman, head of engineering and product for Rackspace Private Cloud.

The new release enables Rackspace to offer Fanatical Support to customers’ cloud software using its remote access tools.

Rackspace has extended its service portfolio for Rackspace Private Cloud. The new support level, Core Software Support, now includes 24x7x365 remote access support of Rackspace Private Cloud Software stack.

Rackspace is offering this new service level in addition to the Software Escalation Support that already exists. With Core Software Support, Rackspace engineers will now remotely log in to customers’ private cloud environments to provide services such as installation, configuration, patching and troubleshooting.

The latest feature release of Rackspace Private Cloud Software incorporates the latest release of the OpenStack Cloud Software platform, Folsom, released to the public in September 2012 and the same platform that powers the Rackspace Cloud supporting thousands of customers. The Folsom release was developed by hundreds of contributors in the OpenStack community who implemented about 185 new features.

“Fisoc’s product, Buzz Points, is a merchant-funded loyalty program that enables banks and credit unions to connect consumers and merchants through social media engagement and rewards. As a result of our firm’s rapid growth in the financial services industry, we selected Rackspace’s Private Cloud Software to provide a secure, scalable and reliable environment,” stated David Fruhling II, chief operating and financial officer for fisoc.

Organizations that choose Rackspace as the foundation for their private cloud strategy will benefit from the large OpenStack ecosystem of innovation, plus a common architecture between their private cloud and some of the leading public clouds, empowering them with choices.

Recently, Rackspace said its Cloud Block Storage, powered by OpenStack, addresses demand for affordable performance for file systems, databases and other input/output (I/O) intensive applications.

Rackspace Cloud Block Storage offers standard volume option for storage. Its performance will be at least 30 percent less variable than alternatives. The Rackspace Cloud Block Storage solution is a crucial piece of its product portfolio. The new product’s Solid State Drive (SSD) volume option delivers 5x to 6x faster than competing solutions.


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