Polycom achieves 55% cut in costs after data center consolidation

Polycom has completed data center consolidation and server virtualization project, and achieved 55 percent reduction in costs to maintain their IT footprint and improved power availability.

The enterprise mobility company has selected Sacramento data center campus of RagingWire Data Centers, a data center provider and an NTT Communications group company, as the site for their new IT systems.

Polycom case study
“We initiated a server virtualization and data center consolidation project with RagingWire to help us manage this growth and keep our servers and systems up to date,” said Elias Dimitropoulos, IT director for Networking, Unified Communications, and Data Centers at Polycom.

The San Jose, California- headquartered Polycom has developed back-end applications to support its business on various systems. The challenge was planning out how to improve the systems while they were running.

Doug Adams, senior vice president and chief revenue officer of RagingWire, said the opportunities for Polycom were to leverage new server technologies to lower costs and to realize economies of scale from the consolidated data center footprint.

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