Oracle adds four new Cloud data centers, adding locations in Canada and Germany

Enterprise IT major Oracle announced four new Oracle Cloud data centers, adding locations in Canada and Germany.

The new data centers will expand Oracle’s global cloud infrastructure to 17 data centers supporting portfolio of Application, Social, Platform, and Infrastructure Services, all available on a subscription basis, said Oracle in a statement.

“Oracle operates a mission critical cloud, and we understand that cloud services need to deliver more than our already industry leading breadth and depth of cloud service functionality. Oracle also delivers on the requirements of enterprise IT, including important corporate and regulatory requirements around data privacy and security,” said Oracle President Mark Hurd.

Oracle said it continues to invest in global cloud data center locations that meet its customers’ needs to comply with local data residency and regulatory requirements.

Cloud data center

Oracle Cloud provides a suite of modern, enterprise SaaS applications including Human Capital Management, Customer Experience, and Enterprise Resource Management with built-in business intelligence, social, and mobile capabilities.

In addition, Oracle employs Oracle badged, dedicated security experts supporting its global data centers that are experienced and formally trained in the latest cloud security best practices.

Oracle Cloud delivers an optimized, layered security approach at every level of the technology stack, leveraging Oracle’s broad portfolio of data security and encryption products, along with proven process controls at the applications, infrastructure, and systems hardware layer.

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