Number of American data centers decline, but capacity increases

Infotech Lead America: The number of data centers in America has declined.

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However, total datacenter capacity grew in America.

US economic crisis of 2008 and the resultant closing of hundreds and thousands of remote locations with server closets and rooms have caused negative growth in the number of data centers. The growth declined by 0.7 percent.

The capacity has increased 1 percent as larger datacenter environments continued to rise despite the economic slowdown.

IDC said these trends have continued in the years since 2009 and reflect a major change in datacenter and IT asset deployment that will accelerate further in coming years.


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“CIOs are increasingly being asked to improve business agility while reducing the cost of doing business through aggressive use of technologies in the datacenter,” said Rick Villars, vice president, Datacenter and Cloud Research at IDC.

“At the same time, they have to ensure the integrity of the business and its information assets in the face of natural disasters, datacenter disruptions, or local system failures. To achieve both sets of objectives, IT decision makers had to rethink their approach to the datacenter,” Villars added.

Virtualization and server consolidation drove significant declines in physical datacenter size and eliminated the need for many smaller datacenters as applications were moved to larger central datacenters. It also made investments in power and energy management that much more critical for datacenter managers.

Use of virtualization has reduced the rate of growth in server deployments in datacenters.

However, the creation, organization, and distribution of files and rich content are creating a rapid increase in storage deployments.

IDC also noted the shift toward a cloud model for application, platform, and infrastructure delivery. Here the focus is on extending the value and scale of virtualization by boosting operational efficiency and improving IT agility. Along with the content explosion, the buildout of public cloud offerings is driving major growth in the number and size of larger datacenters.

By 2016, IDC expects the total number of datacenters in the U.S. will decline from 2.94 million in 2012 to 2.89 million.

This decline will be concentrated in internal server rooms and closets, with a very small decline in mid-sized local datacenters.

Despite the decline in total datacenters, total datacenter space will increase significantly, growing from 611.4 million square feet in 2012 to more than 700 million square feet in 2016.

By the end of the forecast period, IDC expects service providers will account for more than a quarter of all large datacenter capacity in place in the United States.

Meanwhile, India has emerged as the second most risk ridden Data Center Location among the top 30 countries.

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