How Mindtree utilized Rackspace for growth strategy

Bengaluru-based IT services provider Mindtree has tapped cloud service provider Rackspace to provide managed cloud capabilities.
Jaganath Ram Shankar, AVP and head IMS – Enterprise Customers for Mindtree, said: “Rackspace’s flexibility and fanatical support helped it to give priority for the cloud-hosting company in Mindtree’s growth strategy.”
Mindtree observes Rackspace’s managed cloud approach is fundamentally different to that that of commodity cloud providers.
“Our partnership with Rackspace has enabled us to convert our business into an operational expenditure,” said Ram Shankar. “Rackspace Managed Cloud provides hassle-free service that helps Mindtree stand out from the rest.”
Mindtree works with Rackspace in four different ways, benefitting both parties. In the first element of this model, Mindtree’s relationship is very much as a customer.
In the second model, Mindtree partners with Rackspace for their operations with their clients’ marketing websites under the banner of its OpenStack-based private cloud solution.
In the third model, Mindtree performs technical development, while orchestrating as a vendor eco-system with the assistance of Rackspace as the hosting provider.
The fourth model involves Rackspace participating in the Mindtree sales cycle. Rackspace plays a part in bidding proposals, and is also involved in servicing and supporting key activities, such as security audits.
Mindtree said its partnership with Rackspace addressed cloud security concerns and enabled it to set up a Private Cloud using Open Stack.
The firm has also benefited from Rackspace’s fanatical support. The service extends to everything the firm does, from providing 99.99 percent uptime in its data centres, to helping customers architect, deploy, run and get the most from their IT environments.
“With its international presence, Rackspace offers us the power to expand our global footprint and access constructive business solutions,” Ram Shankar said.
Arya MM
[email protected]