Huawei establishes more than 330 data centers globally by August

Huawei Technologies has established more than 330 data centers globally by August.

More than 70 were cloud-based data centers.

“Huawei cooperates with about 260 enterprise clients globally to explore the commercial value of cloud computing technology,” said Eric Xu, executive vice-president of Huawei.

Huawei reached another milestone when it ranked as the third-biggest player in the Chinese market in terms of server shipments in the first quarter of this year. The ranking puts it ahead of HP, a traditional major rival in the server industry, according to Gartner Inc. The top two server vendors in China were IBM and Dell during the period, Gartner said.

Huawei’s server products target telecom and Internet companies and enterprises in other fields, according to Qiu Long, Huawei’s IT product line server general manger.


Chinese Internet giants such as Baidu and Tencent Holdings are among Huawei clients, ChinaDaily reported.

Huawei was also the top vendor in the Chinese storage market by shipment, Gartner said.

Huawei, the world’s second-biggest telecom gear vendor by sales, has looked beyond its traditional telecom business and started to explore enterprise and consumer electronics markets since 2010.

The company established the enterprise business group in 2011 and bought the remaining 49 percent stake in its joint venture with Symantec Corp in 2012, to bolster the company’s corporate-security solutions capability.

Meanwhile, Huawei Technologies said it would construct China’s first building information modeling (BIM) cloud in Shanghai Tower. Huawei held a launch ceremony on Monday with Shanghai Tower Construction and Development, but did not reveal when the project will be complete.

BIM in the cloud will help enterprises in the construction sector improve project outcomes by moving computation-intensive tasks to the cloud, enabling more rapid visualization and simulation and optimized collaboration with access to intelligent, data-rich models.

Shanghai Tower will stand at 632 meters high when construction is completed, and can house more than 30,000 people. The construction started in 2008.

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