Equinix deploys Elastichosts cloud servers to target Apac

Infotech Lead America:
Equinix has deployed Elastichosts, a Cloud server provider, in its International Business Exchange data center in Hong Kong.

This will enable the company to provide its cloud servers to businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This establishes the first Asia-Pacific point-of-presence of Elastichosts in Hong Kong IBX data center to offer cloud services.

Equinix provides a specialized ecosystem for direct connection to over 4,000 partners and customers, including over 900 network providers. Elastichosts is leveraging Equinix’s global footprint, network density and cloud ecosystem to grow its business in Hong Kong and enter other markets in Asia, such as Taiwan, China, Singapore, and the rest of ASEAN.

According to Gartner, the total public cloud services market size in 2011 was $91.4 billion and is forecast to grow to $206.6 billion in 2016. India, Indonesia and China are emerging countries with high growth potential. Elastichosts can capitalize on the growing demand for cost-effective, scalable cloud services in these regions.

Elastichosts provides on-demand, scalable Cloud Servers that offer its customers flexibility while ensuring a high level of availability and performance. It caters mainly to the needs of small-to-medium retail businesses such as Web application developers and start-ups, as well as systems integrators and mid-to-large resellers of cloud products.

Elastichosts can directly interconnect with every major network to reduce latency and offer greater redundancy and faster connection speeds by housing its infrastructure in Equinix’s secure IBX data center.

The reach of ecosystems available with Platform Equinix gives Elastichosts access to a large marketplace of potential customers for revenue generating opportunities.

Equinix to spend around $650 million towards data center Capex in 2013

Recently, Equinix said it will spend around $650 million towards capital expenditures (Capex) in 2013. In Q4, 2012, Capex of Equinix stood at $210.4 million. $166.9 million was for expansion capital expenditures and $43.5 million was for ongoing capital expenditures. Equinix’s Capex for 2012 was $764.5 million. The data center provider is expecting revenues of around $2,200.0 million in 2013

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