CyrusOne commissions 36,000 square feet of Phoenix data center

Infotech Lead America: Colocation solutions provider CyrusOne has commissioned 36,000 square feet of Phoenix Data Center.

This is the first phase and a part of the 1,000,000-square-foot Phoenix Data Center.

One of the largest and most energy-efficient data centers in the United States, the site delivers industry-leading energy optimization with 110 megawatts of power capacity delivered from a substation and just-in-time inventory to meet customer demand.

Kevin Timmons, CTO, CyrusOne, says this is perhaps the largest and most innovative purpose-built multi-tenant data center, developed from the ground up, that the industry has seen.

CyrusOne commissions 36,000 square feet of Phoenix data center

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In addition to its Western region presence, the company has customers in colocation facilities across the United States, London, and Singapore.

The facilities’ data center power and redundant cooling architectures use advanced components and are designed with N+1 and 2N parallel redundancies, providing 100 percent uptime with service uninterrupted.

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