CtrlS records 108% growth, crossing Rs. 100 crore in annuity revenue

Infotech Lead IndiaCtrlS, a leading IT enabled Managed Service Provider(MSP) owning Asia’s largest Tier IV datacenters in India, has crossed Rs. 100 crores annuity revenue during calendar year 2012.This milestone comes within 6 months of initiating operations at the Mumbai datacenter and 5 years of incorporation.

The company closed the previous financial year on March 31 2012, where CtrlS recorded annuity revenue of Rs. 47.92 crores. In the present financial year, the company has already achieved 108 percent growth and further looks at closing the year with the highest growth recorded in the Indian datacenter industry.

CtrlS had launched Zero Data Loss solution for enterprises, which guarantees that not a single byte of data will be lost during downtime, as a pay-per-use solution. The TCO of the company is consistently at 4+ on a scale of 5. Today 44 percent of revenue comes from CtrlS Colocation Solutions and 56 percent comes from CtrlS Managed Services. The last 3 quarters has seen the revenue for CtrlS Colocation Solutions successfully increase by 75 percent and that of CtrlS Managed Services, by 125 percent.

CtrlS data center

CtrlS owns and operates facilities in Hyderabad and Mumbai. The 20,000 sq ft Hyderabad facility has a rack capacity of 972 and power capacity of 10 MW. The Mumbai facility with 200,000 sq. ft. of space can house of 5000 racks and has 30 MW of power capacity. A third facility is due to launch in the Delhi region during 2013.

The state-of-the-art Datacenters by CtrlS have been engineered and built by CtrlS’ own core design & project team using innovative technologies and best practices for efficiency, high availability and highest level of physical security.

Key clientele for CtrlS include clients from the telecom industry; including a top 5 international telecom players, IT/ITeS, Government,  Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare and Media verticals.

CtrlS Datacenters India selects AIS to provide hybrid cloud

In August 2012, CtrlS Datacenters of India has selected AIS (American Internet Services), a provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud and connectivity services.

As a technology partner for their expansion into the United States, AIS would provide a hybrid cloud to fulfill CtrlS’s redundancy and procedural requirements. CtrlS is the first AIS client headquartered in India.

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