AMD unveils SeaMicro SM15000 server for cloud and big data storage applications

Infotech Lead India: AMD has optimized the Micro Server for big data applications with the launch of the new SeaMicro SM15000 server as part of its Data Center Server Solutions (DCSS).

AMD unveils SeaMicro SM15000 server

AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 server revolutionizes computing with the invention of Freedom Fabric Storage, which extends its Freedom Fabric beyond the SeaMicro chassis to connect directly to massive disk arrays, enabling a single 10 rack unit system to support more than five petabytes of low-cost, easy-to-install storage.

Featuring industry-leading density, power efficiency and bandwidth with a new generation of storage technology, the SM15000 server enables a single rack to contain thousands of cores, and petabytes of storage.

The micro server is ideal for big data applications like Apache Hadoop and Cassandra for public and private cloud deployments. It enables companies to share massive amounts of storage across hundreds of efficient computing nodes in an exceptionally dense form factor.

“Historically, server architecture has focused on the processor, while storage and networking were afterthoughts. But increasingly, cloud and big data customers have sought a solution in which storage, networking and compute are in balance and are shared,” said Andrew Feldman, corporate vice president and general manager of the Data Center Server Solutions group at AMD.

“In a legacy server, storage is a captive resource for an individual processor, limiting the ability of disks to be shared across multiple processors, causing massive data replication and necessitating the purchase of expensive storage area networking or network attached storage equipment,” Feldman added.

Micro servers deliver massive efficiencies in power, space and bandwidth, and AMD set the bar with its SeaMicro product that uses one-quarter the power, takes one-sixth the space and delivers 16-times the bandwidth of the best-in-class alternatives.

With the SeaMicro SM15000 server, the innovative trajectory broadens the benefits of the micro server to storage, solving the most pressing needs of the data center, the company said.

 AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 server will be available with 64 compute cards, each holding a new custom-designed single socket octal-core 2.0/2.3/2.8 GHz AMD Opteron processor based on the “Piledriver” core, for a total of 512 heavy-weight cores per system or 2,048 cores in a rack.

AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 server also contains 16 fabric extender slots, each of which can connect to three different Freedom Fabric Storage arrays with different capacities.

SeaMicro SM15000 server with Intel’s Xeon Processor E3-1260L “Sandy Bridge” is now generally available in the U.S and in select international regions.

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