VMware unveils new open source projects

VMware has unveiled two new open source projects build to enable enterprise adoption of cloud-native applications.

Project Lightware is an identity and access management project that will extend enterprise-scale and security to cloud-native applications.

Project Photon is a lightweight Linux operating system optimized for cloud-native applications.

The new open source projects are designed to help enterprise developers securely build, deploy and manage cloud-native applications and will integrate into VMware’s unified platform for the hybrid cloud.

The open source projects are lightweight, highly scalable technologies optimized for securing and running containerized applications in a virtual environment.

Company officials said the projects are designed to bring both developers and IT operations teams together by streamlining engineering throughout the application lifecycle from developer desktop to production.


These technologies will also help enterprises embrace containerized applications and benefit from VMware’s industry-leading compute, networking, security, storage, and management solutions.

Industry’s first container identity and access management technology, Project Lightware, extends enterprise-ready security capabilities to cloud-native applications.

Enterprises can manage access control so that only authorized users will be capable of running authorized containers on authorized hosts through integration with a container host runtime with Project Lightware.

Project Lightware includes centralized identity management, multi tenancy, open standards support, enterprise ready scalability and certified authority and key management.

Project Photon is a lightweight Linux operating system for containerized applications.

The project is optimized for VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air and enables enterprises to run both containers and virtual machines natively on a single platform, and deliver container isolation when containers run within virtual machines.

Project Photon includes broad container solutions support, container security and flexible versioning and extensibility.

VMware and its partners are reshaping application infrastructure to help enterprises achieve greater business outcomes in an on-demand, continuously changing market.

VMware is collaborating with CoreOS, HashiCorp, Intel, JFrog, Mesosphere and Pivotal and includes ecosystem support.

Few days ago, VMware launched Collaboration Bundle to integrate AirWatch content Locker, Socialcast and AirWatch video.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]