Umpqua Bank deploys VMware NSX network virtualization platform

Umpqua Bank has deployed the VMware NSX network virtualization platform for micro-segmentation of its network.

VMware NSX platform will ensure Umpqua Bank to have better security across its IT infrastructure. The bank deployed VMware NSX into production on the company’s existing physical infrastructure only 45 days after initially learning about VMware NSX.

The bank’s IT team deployed security controls inside the data center network for a fraction of the cost comparing with a hardware-centric approach. VMware NSX has allowed Umpqua to cost-effectively operationalize micro-segmentation.

Sam Guidice, manager – Infrastructure Systems at Umpqua Bank, said: “Micro-segmentation with VMware NSX lets us adopt a powerful Zero Trust approach with our infrastructure, quickly and cost effectively. Micro-segmentation-based security wouldn’t have been financially or operationally feasible without VMware NSX.”

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